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of Spain

Loved for its fleshy pulp and large size, it’s no wonder that Gordal means “the fat one.” Also referred to as “the beauty of Spain,” this green olive, characterized by its oval and slightly asymmetric shape, is one of the world’s best-known olives. With its low oil content, the Gordal is never used in olive oil production. Instead, it’s commonly served as a table olive, as most people find its fleshy texture and delicate flavour irresistible!

Fleshy Gordal carrousel

The Gordal


Its name says it all: the Gordal Sevillana is primarily produced in the province of Seville in Andalusia, although plantations can also be found in other provinces, such as Cordoba or Huelva. The region’s warm weather and low rainfall provide the perfect growing conditions for this edible treasure.

the gordal sevilana
Gordal and Hojiblanca Olive Cocktail Skewers


should I eat it?

With its ideal bitter-salty balance, the Gordal doesn’t leave an obvious aftertaste, which is why it’s perfect as a tapas olive! Treat your friends and family by serving it as a snack or appetizer.

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