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little apple

Meaning “little apple” in Spanish (due to its round shape), the Manzanilla is widely appreciated for how easy it is to remove its pit as well as its generous flesh. This makes it one of the most popular eating olives, but with its high oil content it’s also ideal for oil production, making it a dual-purpose olive.

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Spanish olive

This medium-sized olive is what people tend to associate with Olives from Spain, which, not surprisingly, has earned it its nickname as the “Spanish olive.” Manzanilla production is mainly based in the province of Seville, although its presence extends to other Spanish regions as well, such as Badajoz in Extremadura.

Gordal, Manzanilla and Hojiblanca Olive Empanadas with Olive Crust


should I eat it?

With its smooth texture and lack of bitterness, the Manzanilla is often served as a snack. To enhance its taste, it can be marinated in a mixture of olive oil with a variety of ingredients, ranging from fresh herbs to garlic, honey or orange. In Spain, the marinade usually depends on what fresh products the region has to offer. Its pit is very easy to remove, so this particular olive is also popular for stuffing: pepper, anchovies, cheese—it’s so versatile that it’s complemented by almost any ingredient!

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